XBOX Project Scorpio

Microsoft recently announced the development of a new console, XBOX Scorpio. The new system will be released by Christmas 2017.

What’s New?

The new Graphics processing Unit(GPU) is much more powerful than the GPU for the XBOX One, with 6 teraflops of graphical performance. The machine has an eight core processor running at 2.3 GHz, a significant jump from the XBOZ One’s 1.75 GHz. The Scorpio will also have a “Vapor Chamber” to keep up with the increased power of the machine. Which uses liquid cooling prevent the console from overheating.

How will the Scorpio compare to other consoles and PC gaming?

The Scorpio is supposed to be much more powerful than the XBOX One with the processor running at 2.3 GHz. While this may seem low to PC gamers, this is very high for a console, especially considering the difference in price.

Head of XBOX, Phil Spencer stated,

“If you said to me, ‘could you or another console manufacturer design a $2,000 console that ran, like, two Titan Xs SLI-d together?’ Then yeah, we could do it. But the console price points aren’t there. If you’re willing to spend a couple of grand building up an i7-based machine with umpteen terabytes of RAM, you can go do that on a PC. But I actually feel with Scorpio we’ve been able to hit a really nice price/performance ratio. When we talk about the price, I think people will see that. It is a premium product, there’s no doubt, but I think relative to the PC that you could go buy at this spec, you’re gonna feel really good.”

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The Scorpio will be one of the more powerful consoles on the market when it is released. The console will have features foreign to all other consoles such as 4K compatibility and FreeSync, an adaptive frame rat software more commonly found in PCs that helps to prevent screen tearing

4K and VR Compatibility

One of the main new features of the Scorpio is it’s ability to run at 4K resolution. This is one of the first consoles to be truly compatible with 4k televisions. This will create the ultimate gaming experience with graphics never before experienced with a console.

The console will be VR compatible but XBOX has yes to announce any plans for VR software specific for the Scorpio.

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