The First LG 4K OLED TV

What is a 4K OLED TV?

A 4K OLED TV (organic light-emitting diode) works without a backlight. Instead it works with an organic compound which emits light in response to an electric current. In comparison to the LCD, the OLED allows for a more thinner, lighter TV. Which relies on no backlighting and yielding deep, vivid colors and stunning contrast.

OLED & 4K joining forces is will enhance picture quality in a major way. A 4K resolution is 4 times the detail compared to a 1080p TV and the OLED allows for superb picture quality and Ultra Thin technology.

Additionally, this TV will be equipped with the LG Smart+ with WebOS which will allow for 4K streaming from things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and Amazon Instant Video.

For now, the LG 65-inch 65EC9700 4K OLED TV is priced at $9,999. If 65 inches just isn’t big enough, a 77-inch will be available soon!

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