Upcoming Smart Home Trends

There’s already a wide range of smart home options, but home automation will continue to evolve at a fast pace.

It’s about control, speed, comfort and security. We want the next best thing, we want it now and we want to be the first to have it. With these urges, our custom homes become more ingenious as we face new technological revolutionary changes. Here are two smart home trends we believe will change the home automation world.

Voice Control Your Smart Home

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to control your entire house just by speaking to your phone or mobile device. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and asking Siri to start you a bath, or preheat your oven. Even start your dishwasher! Apple’s HomeKit services already include door locks, thermostats, garage door openers, lighting control and it’s sure to integrate Siri’s voice command for a far more resourceful Smart Home. Even Google Now’s speech command will persevere Home Automation. With Google buying Nest, the next logical move would be for Nest to incorporate Google Now’s speech recognition.

Flexible Display is Right Around the Corner

One of our favorite upcoming Home Automation revolutionary products are ideas integrating flexible display. The idea that you’ll be able to roll up your TV like a newspaper, shove it under your arm, go wherever you want and stick it to a wall gives me butterflies. Now, the first flat screen plasma television was released in 1997 by Pioneer. Everyone wanted one, but we had to make it bigger, thinner and lighter.

Fast forward 17 years and LG announces the first big screen 4K UltraHD OLED TV. Even with this extremely ultra thin television, we still want more! Well then, how about an exceptionally flexible TV? Done! LG was able to build a bendable display by using a polymer as the backplane of the panel instead of plastic. The polymer increased the resilience of the OLED panel and drastically reduced its thickness. In just a few more years, LG is confident it will be able to produce a 60in Ultra HD rollable TV by 2017. Apple is already attacking flexible display with the iWatch. Who knows, maybe Starbucks will jump on board by merging the concept into their coffee sleeves; a new way to advertise.

What Other Trends are on the Way

Other Home Automation trends involve a slew of Smart Home Devices such as Smart Locks through Bluetooth connectivity, Smart Home Wi-Fi climate systems like Nest Labs, and using your phone as the centralized remote hub.

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