Spotify Appeals More to Families

These family package deals seem to be catching on. Apple did it with iOS 8 Family Sharing and now Spotify announces their plan; Spotify Family. The plan will allow up to five family members to jointly subscribe and stream music at the same time.

With the new family share, one individual family member will pay $10 and then every other person will get a 50% discount, all together on one bill. Simply put, you’ll start at $10 and pay $5 extra per person you add. Example, a family of 5 will pay $30.

Having multiple accounts means users won’t mix up their playlists and it’ll help with those pesky, unexpected song recommendations. It’ll also help in putting a stop to service interruption when someone logs in at the same time.

In case you aren’t familiar with Spotify, it’s a music streaming service that offers free streaming on our computer and handhelds. If you hate commercials just as much as I do, you can pay to eliminate ads. The small rate also get you more songs and choose which songs to play without an Internet connection, just like Pandora and iTunes Radio – which are their direct competitors and part of the reason why they are releasing a Family Plan.

If you’re interested, Spotify will roll out with the Spotify Family Plan in the beginning of November.

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