BlueBolt Surge Protection

Typically, most people are home when power outages occur. Most don’t think about having a Panamax BlueBolt system until it’s too late. Hilton Head & Bluffton, South Carolina are prone to thunderstorms, rolling black outs and brown outs. Because of this, its important to surge protect your technology. The BlueBolt system isn’t just a surge protector, it helps home owners and AV guys, like Advanced Integrated Controls, to create a grid network which in turn helps us to understand what’s happening.

To put it more clearly . . . 

For instance, let’s say we have 5 houses in a neighborhood with the BlueBolt system and the internet goes out. We would get an email straight to our phones that states those 5 homeowners have dropped connection. In turn, we would contact all of those clients to inform them there is an issue with the internet and it should be taken care of soon. Thus, saving their time and energy trying to contact their internet provider, or audio video technician.

BlueBolt System Log

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Now let’s say there’s a lighting storm strolling through the Low Country causing black outs, or brownouts. Once the power comes back on, receivers, amps, TVs, streaming devices, blu-rays, all home theater technology will have to re-sync with each other. Sometimes this causes for a service call, unless you have a BlueBolt system. In that case, we can login to your server and reboot everything without ever having to mess with phone calls, or schedules.

Surge protecting your home is important. It’s even better when said surge protector can send reports when something goes wrong. The Panamax BlueBolt system works every time!

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