Dog Hates Nest Dropcam

Meet Henry. He’s tired of his owners checking on him through Dropcam when they’re away. Hasn’t he proven that he can be trusted with shoes and pillows and all manner of delicious things that may or may not be in his mouth right now? Who’s to say who should and should not be on the couch? Isn’t he a free dog? Isn’t this America?

Nest Dropcam is a Wi-Fi streaming video camera that helps you keep an eye on what matters to you from anywhere. Stream live video from your home or business. Get alerts on your phone when something happens. And with optional cloud recording, you can playback up to 30 days of footage. If you see something you like, you can save a clip and share it with friends.

So do you leave your dog at home alone, too? What do you think he does all day?

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