How to Set Up Multiple OS X Users

Adding multiple OS X users with separate accounts is simple. Here are a few easy steps:

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  • Open System Preferences
  • Select Users & Groups
  • Click the Lock Icon
  • Enter Your Password
  • To add a new user, click the “+” button that’s above the unlocked lock icon in the lower-left corner



You can Select One of Four Different Account Types for Multiple OS X Users

With an Administrator account you can add and manage other users, install apps, and change settings. The first account you created when you set up your Mac for the first time is the administrator. You can have multiple administrator accounts and can always make another type of user an administrator after the fact by checking the box labeled “Allow user to administer this computer” on a user’s profile.

As a Standard account you can install apps and change settings for your own use. Standard users can’t add or change existing users.

With a Managed with Parental Controls account you can only have access to apps and content specified by the administrator. The administrator can restrict the user’s contacts and website access, and place time limits on computer use. Through the Apps, Web, People, and Time Limits tab you can monitor applications, documents, and shared content. You can also limit access to certain Websites, set up GameCenter restrictions and set time limits on the amount of hours your kid can use your Mac.

As a Sharing Only account you can access shared files remotely, but can’t log in to or change settings on the computer.

For each user, you can give it a name, a profile pic, and either a separate password or your iCloud password. Also, there is a Guest User account which is typically a default account. This account can’t change any setting and any files that are created from this user are deleted when the guest logs out.

You don’t need to log out from one account in order to log into another. To change from one account to another, click on your user name in the menu bar and select another user from the drop-down list.

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