Lutron HomeWorks 16.0

Lutron has announced its first update in 8 years, HomeWorks 16.0. With this update new tools and additional products will be introduced. Products such as the state of the art LED+ technology and the new Maestro PRO dimmer. Lutron will also introduce new RA2 Select, RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks in-wall dimmers. There is also a new High Wattage DIN Module for HomeWorks.  Lutron’s Clear Connect will introduce Type X into the Clear Connect Gateway allowing 200 Ketra devices to incorporate into HomeWorks. Here we will explain in-depth what the new features are and what Lutron HomeWorks 16.0 bring sto the table.


Whats New in HomeWorks?

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QSX Processor

This new Processor allows QS wired, QS wireless and Ketra together in one system to allow faster installation and programing. It will also be able to handle larger and intricate systems. Additionally, it is compatible with all existing HomeWorks QS wired, and wireless RF devices.


Clear Connect Gateway – Type X

The Clear Connect Gateway Type X will connect up to 200 Ketra devices into a HomeWorks system. It will make the install and programming of Ketra simpler.  Clear Connect Gateway  Type X will use power over Ethernet to allow power and data to travel over one cable for easy connection. It is compatable with Ketra light sources and QSX processors.


HomeWorks Designer 16.0 Software


HomeWorks Designer 16.0 combines the previous Ketra Design Studio and HomeWorks Designer. This new software is easy to use. There is no need to relearn how to use it. It is compatible with all HomeWorks wired QS and wireless RF devices. It is also compatible with the Ketra light sources that run through the new QSX processor.


New App Changes

The Lutron App will improve your experience with the QSX based HomeWorks system. It simplifies the install and programming along with the servicing of Homeworks and Ketra devices. It will be easier and more intuitive to use than before. The Lutron App will be able to support multiple homes. It will integrate with Honeywell Lyric and Ecobee thermostats.


Ketra Native Integration

imagesNative integration with Ketra light sources will make it easier to activate and support HomeWorks installation. This will also improve quality and add a longer lifetime to the product.



Advanced LED+ Lighting Control



High Wattage DIN Module with LED+ Technology

The new High Wattage DIN Module with LED+ Technology is capable of dimming a full 1920W circuit of load across four outputs. It is the most powerful and reliable module that Lutron offers.


Wall Dimmers with LED+ Technology

New wall Dimmers with LED+ technology eliminate any difficulty trying to pair the right dimmer with the proper lighting load. It is available in RA2 Select, RadioRA2, and also in HomeWorks models. These new dimmers are available in multiple finishes as well as glass and metal face-plate options.


Next Generation Roller 64


Roller 64 have been introduced into the Sivoia QS family. These new Roller shades will cover windows up to 12″ wide. They will also fit to a small 4″ square pocket. This will help reduce the number of light gaps.

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