New Kaleidescape Vs Streaming Demo

Due to popular demand from their demo at CEDIA this year, Kaleidescape has produced and released a demo for download for showrooms, as well as a side-by-side comparison for us to show our clients at home! You might be wondering why typical streaming services like Netflix or maybe even your older blu-rays just aren’t enough in a home theater. Read through this article and check out the demo to find out what really sets Kaleidescape apart! 


What is Kaleidescape?


Founded in 2001, Kaleidescape produces multi-room home entertainment server systems that store and playback audio/video content to movie players that you can install in your theater systems. Some of their more popular products include the Strato S Movie Player, the Strato C Movie Player, and the Terra Movie server. In the past, Blue-Ray disks were the first choice in custom home theaters, as they offer higher video and audio quality. Essentially, what Kaleidescape has done is bridged the gap between the high quality of Blu-ray disks and the convenience of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. 

Kaleidescape demo in home theater

Why choose Kaleidescape?


Most streaming services today have to compress the video quality in order for it to be accessible, encoding 4K video at an average of 8 megabits per second vs Kaleidescape’s 65. Kaleidescape offers more video and audio information, ensuring that you always have the highest quality playback and that detail and color accuracy are maintained. Streaming can also be negatively impacted by a poor internet connection, making video playback grainy or out of focus. Kaleidescape stores video to a local hard drive so that the playback quality is consistent every time. They even offer the ability to integrate with Lutron Homeworks and Sony’s high-end TVs and projectors for the ultimate 4K HDR experience.


In 2021, it’s unrealistic and costly to have stacks of Blue-ray disks available every time you want to watch a movie. Additionally, why pay for a custom, quality home theater and not provide video playback that can keep up?  With Kaleidescape, you no longer have to choose between quality and convenience. You can finally have both! 


If the information I went over isn’t enough to completely pique your interest, see for yourself! Check out this neat comparison slider that Kaleidescape has created for our clients at home. They even go over the specs for typical streaming services vs. their programs. You can also stop by the showroom today for your own personal Kaleidescape demo and see why typical streaming services just aren’t good enough for your home theater!

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