Sonos Update: The SUB Now Comes in White!

Paired with a Sonos PLAYBAR, the Sonos SUB is sure to give you a quick kick in the chest with an explosive true sounding home theater! Anyone who owns one of these powerhouses know that the deep, bottomless sound isn’t only heard, it’s felt. If you haven’t heard what the SUB sounds like, or are interested in hearing all of what Sonos has to offer, we have a dedicated Sonos Music Room. Come on by!


Come see our dedication Sonos Theater Room!

The SUBs sleek design comes in black and NOW comes in white! Yup. That’s right; we’ve all been waiting for a white SUB and now we have one. Well, at the end of October anyway. . .

Now we just need a white PLAYBAR. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

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