Video: Projector Screen in Family Room

The homeowner of this project had certain TV connections installed near their fireplace, limiting their option for a big screen television. With that being said, his wife didn’t want a big TV to be the focus of the room. AIC helped them come to a unified decision!

Here we have a 110″ motorized projection screen, paired with 7.1 surround sound system completed with in-ceiling KEF speakers and a Sunfire Subwoofer. The projector is and HD Sony VPL Series. The homeowners are able to control the entire system with an MX900. Also installed is an Apple TV, Sony Blu-ray, and DirecTV. The sources are located in a remote AV rack.

Not seen in the video: automated Lutron lighting that works seamlessly with the home theater. The lighting is programed to dim lighting anytime the system is turned on, which is then easily controlled using their remote, iPhone or iPad.



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