Tech Update: Controlling Sonos with Alexa

Voice controlled products are the new tech trend, but they may not be just-a-trend for long, at least for Sonos. We hope to clarify a few questions about being able to voice control Sonos with Amazon’s Alexa controlled Echo speaker.

What’s all the hype about being able to voice control Sonos?

It’s pretty simple actually. Being able to voice control Sonos speakers is a really cool concept. You can operate volume controls, song selections, your song library, etc. all from simple voice commands. This allows the ability to be hands free while cooking, performing house work, or franticly searching for your phone or Universal Remote Control.

“Alexa, play The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.” 

“Alexa, pause the audio.”

You get the idea.

Can I start controlling Sonos with Alexa now?

Yes, you can.

Back in March 2016, Sonos announced voice control with Alexa and that they would be testing their theory to find the best platform. In November of 2016, Sonos announced that the Alexa Dot ($50) is needed to make the integration.

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The connection is made from an audio cable between your Amazon Echo Dot and the Line-In connection on the back of a PLAY:5, CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP. Super simple!

If you’re a techie and would like to set up for yourself, here’s how. If you prefer Advanced Integrated Controls help, give us a call.

Will I always need Amazon’s Echo Dot for voice control?

Not for very long.

Recently, Sonos demonstrated their voice controlled speakers. Concluding the event, Sonos announced that “. . . they working on speakers that incorporate a far-field microphone instead of having to rely on separate dongles . . .”


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