What’s Going on With Deezer?

Why haven’t you heard of Deezer?

Well because it hasn’t started moving through the US until they struck a deal with Sonos. As our Hilton Head and Bluffton clients already know, Sonos is already a killer music system. Competing with Spotify, Deezer Elite songs stream five times the quality in 16-bit FLAC, despite being compressed. Compressing files do to storage and bandwidth limitations reduces the quality of your favorite songs. With this new a high-res audio streaming option, you can now listen to your music the way it was intended – 1411kbps vs. 320 kbps. That just means badass quality and frequency!

Last month, Deezer started moving into the US and will be available exclusively through the Sonos Wireless Music System platform with a favorable discount. Another chance for Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) to customize your Audio Video and Home Automation needs. With Sonos, you can try Deezer for $9.99 if you commit to a year, or $14.99 a month otherwise. Additionally, Deezer works across all your devices, both online and offline, with no listening limits and over 35 millions songs!

For those AIC clients who already have Sonos Wireless Music Systems, just click the “Add Music Services” button and search for Deezer. It’s still in beta form, just click to subscribe and add an account.

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