Home Tech of the Day: Nest Outdoor Cam

A few months ago, in September, Nest launched its $200 outdoor security camera. While there are many security cameras to choose from, we have to admit . . . this is a pretty neat outdoor camera and we’re loving it so far!

Not only is it completely weatherproof, its also easy to install and pair with existing Nest cameras like the Dropcam, or Nest Cam Indoor, all right through the Nest app. Once the Nest Cam Outdoor is set up through the Nest app, then it just takes a few moments to install. There’s a simple wall plate that is surface mounted to the exterior of the home, then the magnetized back plate of the camera just sticks right to the wall plate.

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This camera has night vision, a very wide viewing angle so you don’t need to pan or zoom, and you can talk to visitors through your phone. Which is super convenient when you start getting piles of holiday deliveries, or pop-in family and friends. Even more, you get alerts right to your mobile device, or iPad when the camera picks up motion or sound. However, with Nest’s algorithms, you won’t get an alert EVERY time there is movement or sound, that would be quite annoying if you got an alert every time your neighbor walked his dog, or when a car passes by.

The Nest Outdoor Cam is an inexpensive way to stay connected to your home while you’re away. We have been installing Nest products for some time and we will continue recommended Nest.

If you’re already a Nest fan, or a newbie in the home automation world, or you simply want to give this product a try, let us know. We’re happy to help!

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