The Nano Shades Collection

When it comes to motorized shades, Advanced Integrated Controls has the largest designer oriented selection available. We offer multiple shade options, such as Lutron Palladiom, and now AIC is proud to offer Screen Innovations Nano Shades.



There are two types of Nano Shades available, the Nano Box and the Nano Roll. Nano is designer friendly with an endless amount of design options, but most importantly Nano is user friendly. Made in the USA, Nano is a reliable and future proof shade that features peak industry standards.


Nano Box


Nano Box features a cassette style cover that hides inconspicuously within the window. This allows the Nano shades to be a natural extension of the room. There are 12 featured colors to chose from with an option of additional custom color choices.


4 color

The Nano Box sits at only 2.75″, the smallest in the industry. Not only does this compact design help the shades blend in to their environment, it also helps prevent light gaps. The Nano Box features the smallest light gaps out of any motorized shade on the market.

Despite it’s small size, the Nano Box is powerful and ultra-quiet. Using Screen Innovations’ specially designed dampening components and soft starts and stops, the Nano is truly whisper quiet.


Nano Roll



The nano roll does not have the same cassette style housing, in fact it is what the name implies, a roll. Soft starts and stops, along with ultra-quiet motors, makes the Nano one of the quietest motorized shades available in the market. The only difference between the box and the roll is the style. Just like Nano Box, Nano Roll features 12 colors with the option of customizable color options.

NANO ROLL colors 1 1


The Only Difference, The Light Bleed

nano shades brochure residential

Besides the design, a notable difference between the Nano Box and the Nano Roll would be the amount of light bleed. As mentioned before, the Nano Box truly features the smallest light gaps.


Side and sill channels are an optional add on that can help reduce any light bleed. This is a perfect option for those who would like the complete blackout experience.

Shade Fabrics


Screen Innovations offers a wide variety of shade fabrics including sunscreen, light filtering, and blackout.

Sunscreen is a transparent screen fabric that filters incoming light. This reduces heat gain, glare and UV rays. There are endless combinations of color and openness factors so each window can be fine tuned. Sunscreen does not offer privacy.

Light filtering uses translucent fabric to reduce heat and UV rays, but still allow for natural diffused light. This provides a soft glow when the shades are closed. Light filtering fabrics offer plentiful decorative choices. They differ from sunscreen in which they don’t offer a view, but do provide limited privacy.

Blackout fabric will stop light from penetrating through the screen material, creating ultimate privacy when needed. A neutral white color is offered for the outside, regardless of the interior color selected. Some perimeter light bleed may occur during the day. When paired with Side and Sill channels these shades will create the best blackout experience.

For the Nano line, color is the most important. With that in mind SI has carefully selected colors that blend seamlessly with current trends in wall and trim color.



Control Features

PowerControlNANO 1

Control has never been easier. Nano works by touch, voice or automation. The Nano shades work seamlessly with ELAN and other popular home automation systems like Lutron, Alexa and Google Home. There are optional touch pads available for those who still like the traditional wall switch feel.


The Nano is one of the best motorized shade options on the market. Contact us today to learn more.