Its Time To Make The Switch

It’s Time To Make The Switch


It may be time to upgrade your light switches.

Yes, your light switches.

Now forgive me because I haven’t been in your office or your home, I have no idea what your light switches look like, but trust me. It is time for an upgrade.


Here’s Why


IMG 4601


When you move into a house, you never think about redoing the light switches. A light switch is just where it is. However, we find ourselves in situations like the picture above. Some switches don’t work and they need labels. Some light switches produce massive amounts of wall clutter, or they are just in a completely wrong spot.


IMG 8795


Cluttered light switches may confuse your guests while they are staying at your house. Additionally, your light switches may be in the wrong area of your room. So you will have to walk through the room before you’re able to turn on a switch. In the middle of the night this can be bothersome and even dangerous. Sometimes we forget to turn off the lights, resulting in wasted electricity. Likewise, we can forget to leave lights on and have to come home to a dark house. It can be very frustrating trying to get yourself settled in the darkness. Of course sometimes we just don’t want to leave our beds to turn off the light at night.

There are other reasons to upgrade. Latest advances in technology means that there are more options to keep you and your family comfortable while saving electricity. Let me introduce you to Lutron, AIC’s go to lighting control company.



Meet Lutron

FireShot Capture 004 Smart Home Lighting Systems Technologies Solutions Lutron Caset


Meet Lutron, the company that was created from the invention of the dimmer switch that we know of. Not only did they lead the world in manufacturing the dimmer switch, they are continuing to change all aspects of lighting control. From whole home solutions to a single room solutions, Lutron has products that can grow with your needs and can be retrofitted in any home for a surprisingly affordable price with help from AIC.


What Makes It Different?

Lutron has many products available when it comes to lighting solutions. One of the most notable are their dimmers and switches. The Caséta line of smart switches, for example, is revolutionary in providing smart lighting to any home.  You do not need to buy special bulbs, or worry about running a neutral wire. You can use the Caséta lighting system in one room of your house or your whole home. Caséta also works with more smart home brands than any other lighting product, meaning that you can simply ask “Alexa” to turn on or off your lights.




The Caséta line is the gateway to whole home solutions, offering up to 50 devices to be connected; however, there are other types of dimmers and switches offered through Lutron that can handle extra devices and offer even more versatile functions. Some of these features include customizable backlit keypads, hidden panels, full scene control, and the ability to use occupancy sensors and control Lutron shades.


lutron keypad


Why You Need Lutron In Your Life

Not only do these switches help your home’s aesthetic, they are completely functional. Controlling your lights from your smart device or from a remote is revolutionary. You no longer have to leave the couch or bed to turn on or off lights. You can do so using a smart device, Lutron’s Pica remote, or by using a voice assistant through a home assistant device.

Turning on lights when you aren’t home helps make it look like someone is home. This can be achieved remotely or on schedule. You no longer have to worry about pets being left in the dark or having to worry about walking into a dark house at night. Turn on the porch light from your car to make an easy to see pathway. You can also set your location on your smart device and your home will light up automatically for you when you arrive. When you leave you will get a notification if you left a light on, helping you save electricity. These are just a few revolutionary features that are available for your home to help you and your family feel comfortable. As Lutron says, “Nothing gives you more comfort than a well-lit home.”

Don’t you think your light switches need an upgrade?

Contact us today to help you make the switch!