Our Opinion: Streaming Service Feedback

We came across an article titled Which Streaming Service Should You Use?

The post describes each of the nine mot popular streaming services from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music, RDio, Songza, Grooveshark, Prime Music, and AM – FM radio (the original streamer.) The problem we have is there’s no mentions of sound quality. Apparently the sound coming out of the various streaming services is insignificant.

The author goes into great detail about the graphics, color schemes, depth of content, and even the legal troubles of some of the services, yet she has no information in her article about what sample and bit rates the various streaming services are using. Also the article doesn’t go into why these various streaming services might sound differently from one another.

Deciphering content and the overall level of musical involvement created by the various streaming services, due to their level of sound quality, doesn’t even seem to matter!

We aren’t trying to beat down the article, rather inform fellow audiophiles how clueless mainstream media and their audience are about sound quality as it relates to streaming. Even if a streaming service was curated exclusively by Jimmy Iovine and guest DJs from alternate universes if the sound quality was bad enough (say Dixie cup and a string level) no one would listen.

SOUND QUALITY MATTERS! We won’t apologize for the all caps either, but we will for the short rant – rant over.

Read the article and let us know what you think. We are your audio video expert here in Bluffton, Hilton Head and Palmetto Bluff.