SONOS is Making Major Changes to Their Software and Hardware

On Monday, SONOS announced a brand new PLAY:5 wireless speaker and a software upgrade that will enhance the sound quality on all of the speakers. Boy, are we excited!

The new Play:5 is equipped with 3 sub woofers, 3 tweeters, 6 WiFi antennas and 6 drivers, and increased in price by $100, a listing of $500. Still available in black or white, but with a completely different design.

They moved the SONOS logo so it wouldn’t block one of the tweeters, switched to a plastic grill instead of metal so it wouldn’t interfere with the antennas, and drilled more that 60,000 holes in the grill for higher audio quality! You’ll also be able to set the speaker vertically, or horizontally.

The most exciting news for SONOS is the software update that’ll be released for all the wireless speakers, called Trueplay. The software update will allow you to individually tune each SONOS speaker. Speaker placement is extremely important. You can have a bad ass speaker, but if it’s poorly placed, it can be a waste of audio.

Sonos Play5

With Trueplay, each SONOS speaker can fit in with nearly any acoustic environment of any room or space. Once you go through the Trueplay setup through your SONOS app, you’ll be able to listen to the SONOS wireless speakers the way they were meant to be heard. Using your iPhone, iPad or iPod (sorry, not for Android users just yet), you’ll just move your devise up and down in a room where your speaker will be placed as your devise tosses out high and low frequencies.

Once you’ve acoustically mapped out that room, your speaker will then adjust to its environment, it doesn’t matter if it’s sitting on a desk surrounded by books and computers, or sitting in an open floor plan on top of a fire place. Overall, increasing true sound quality!

Since 2002, SONOS has ruled the wireless speaker world and there’s no wonder why. On SONOS’ Blog, they stated, “Nobody’s home has perfect acoustics, and we don’t want to adapt [your] lives around our speakers. Your speakers should sound great, wherever you choose to put them. So, we decided to make them adapt to the environment around you.” Innovative ideas like this are the reason why SONOS wireless music systems are still on top.

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What do you think about SONOS’ new direction?