Hurricane Check List

How to Properly Prepare for a Hurricane

You can never be too prepared. Ever. If you have lived in the low country long enough, you’ve acquired some essentials, but here are a few reminders.

Attention all Elan App Users

Attention ELAN App Users!

If you have recently updated your device to the Apple iOS 11.0.2 version, you might be experiencing some issues with your Elan app. Follow these 3 simple steps for a solution!

Running with Fitness Apps

Stay Fit for Fall With These Apps

Thankfully, fall is finally here! Which means we can enjoy the outdoors during the midday! Here are 4 great apps to help you stay fit!

technologically passing the time

Technologically Pass Time While the Kids in School

Thankfully and luckily we live in the age of technology! Here are two great ways to technologically pass the time while the kids are back in school!

Currently Hiring Receptionist

Hiring for a Receptionist/Office Assitant

Advanced Integrated Controls is currently hiring for (preferably) experienced receptionist to add our team.

digital world effects on brain

The Effects of Staying Digitally Plugged In

Your emotions affect your cognitive connections and especially in the digital world.

TV Placement for Seating

How to Determine Seating Placement Based on TV Size

The simplest way to determine minimum and maximum distance from a television or projector screen, is to follow this formula . . .

Must Have Road Trip Apps for Kids

Road Trip Apps for Kids

Hopefully these apps can keep your little one entertained during the long drive to your destination! Check them out and tell us about your favorite apps.

Effects of Music on the Brain

Effects of Music on the Brain

One of the universal characteristics of humanity is music. Here are a few effects of music on the brain that lead to healing and increased intelligence.

Questionable Apps for Teens

Questionable Apps for Teens

While the world of cellphone apps is constantly changing, there are a few types of apps you should keep your eye out for on your teen’s phone.