Nerd Subscriptions

Nerd Subscriptions

Here are 3 tried and true Nerd Subscriptions. Check them out and let us know about your favorite subscription boxes!

Sonos Audio System

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Sonos

Other than the obvious reasons like unlimited music streaming, free app and software, incredible wireless speakers and surround sound options, here are 3 reasons SONOS is voted the best Wireless System.

Historically Bad Apps

Historically Bad Apps

There are some really useful apps in this world, this list contains none of those. They are all horribly bad apps!


Internet Giants: Microsoft

In January of 1975, two childhood friends unknowingly embarked on a quest to bring the world one of the giants of technology, Microsoft.

lost email translation

Lost in Email Translation

In the professional world, emails have become a way of life. However, this does not excuse one from using email as a sole communicator.

Sony System Software Update

Sony TV System Software Update

There’s a new Sony TV system software update that you’re TV will probably prompted you to download. Follow these steps, or give us a call!

XBOX Project Scorpio

XBOX Project Scorpio

Microsoft recently announced the development of a new console, XBOX Scorpio. The new system will be released by Christmas 2017.

Problems Today with Text Messaging

The Problem Today with Text Messaging

Conversation, it used to consist of verbal and visual communication. However, the new millennium has brought a new evolution in communication – the text message.


Palmetto Bluff: Media Decor Art Lift

Check out this Media Decor Art Lift by Leon Elite. It’s a moving art lift with a custom TV backbox. Just stunning!

Lutron Sivoia QS Shades

Lutron Sivoia QS Shading Solutions

Save money and energy with Lutron Sivoia QS Shading Solutions!