Home Automation

Echo and Nest

Nest and Alexa: Perfect Match

Alexa wants you to tell her what todo. “Alexa, turn on my lights. Alexa, turn off the music. Alexa, set the temperature of my home to 72 degrees.”

Apple TV vs Smart TV

Smart TV or Apple TV?

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself this same question. Should you go with a streaming device, or should you go with a Smart TV?

Sonos New Play:5

SONOS is Making Major Changes to Their Software and Hardware

The Play:5 is getting a face lift and the rest of the Play speakers are going to get a huge software update!

Lutron Product Photography

Reasons Why You Need Motorized Shades

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider automated shades and blinds.

Nest Thermostat

New Improved Nest Thermostat

Here’s some good news for Nest Thermostat, there’s a 3rd generation on it’s way!

2015 Best of Bluffton

2015 Best of Bluffton Voting

Vote for AIC (Advanced Integrated Controls) for best Home Automation company!

Apple Watch

Smart Home With Apple Watch

Here are 3 smart home apps that are worth the Apple Watch!

Lutron Caseta

The Smart Home Rookie Starter

So, you want to get in the groove to help you achieve a smart home goal. Perhaps you’re struggling because you’re a smart home rookie. Where do you start? Start here!

Set Up Apple TV

Here is Your Apple TV Set Up Guide

You’ve been waiting to get an Apple TV and now you have one! If you’re not sure how to set it up, here is a step-by-step how to get started for iOS 7 users.


Benefit From Lutron Lighting & Motorized Shades

Lighting control and automated window shades and blinds aren’t the only hottest thing for Smart Home buyers today, combined they can spruce up any room in the home and save homeowners a ton of money.

Smart Home Turkey

A Thanksgiving Smart Home

Here are a few fun gadgets that’ll have the whole family conversing about the potential for next years Thanksgiving dinner!

KizON Wristlet

KizON Smart Wristlet

KizON is a bracket you send with your kids so you know where they are at all times. Moms everywhere can take a pure breath of relaxation!