Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify or Apple? If you’re a music lover or listen to music during your daily routine, you probably have a music streaming service. Spotify and Apple have paved their way as the top music streaming services with loyal customers on both services. The Spotify vs. Apple debacle seems just as intense as the iPhone vs.…


How High Should You Mount Your TV?

How High Should You Mount Your TV?   It’s no wonder why no one sits in the front two rows at the movie theater; no one wants to strain their neck at an unreasonable angle for two hours. The same thing applies to TVs in your home. You don’t want to place it too high…


Monitor Your BlueBolt System

What is BlueBolt?   Panamax BlueBolt is the best power protection management system available today, which is why we have partnered with them to give our clients superior quality services. Power management is critical to the safety, performance, and longevity of all electronics. Our partnership with BlueBolt saves our clients time, money and energy. The…

TV Resolutions

1080 vs. 4K vs. 8K TVs

We’re seeing more and more 4K TVs in the presence of homes, especially within our clients’ homes. Soon enough, it’ll be the standard. 4K TV’s are making a mark in the consumer tech market with anticipation for growth in the future. According to recent findings by IHS Markit Data, 4K TVs now represent over 44%…


Why Sunbrite outdoor TV’s just make sense.

Rain or Shine:  Sunbrite TVs I can’t think of any other place I love spending my summer days and nights than here in the Low Country. We’re blessed enough to enjoy sunny days and beautiful sunsets evenings in the comfort of our backyard. I love getting together with the family in our outdoor space and…

Sonos Amp

The Sonos Amp: Finally a high powered Sonos amplifier solution

Sonos has finally launched an integrated amplifier option that can actually power a nice set of speakers. At 55 watts per channel the smaller Connect Amp lacked the ability to supply enough power for traditional bookshelf and tower type speakers to have any true depth. The new Sonos Amp comes loaded with 125 watts per…

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The Importance of having a nice rack.

The Importance of Proper cable management   With the abundance of audio and video technology present in modern day homes, you’d be surprised at the amount of homes that don’t have proper cable management. Not only do the unkempt wires and cables look un-aesthetically pleasing, but they can pose safety and performance concerns. Here are a…


The transition of TV.

TV Black /White or Color, then and now….WOW! “ One electric devise that defies the test of time is the television” I have to laugh when I was asked to write about TV’s.  Being from the baby boomer era, I think they thought I was born before TV was even created…lol Definition of TV:  A…

Crestron to Lutron Conversion

Move over Crestron. Lutron just moved in.

Check out how A.I.C. took an existing  Crestron wired Lighting system and converted it into an upgraded Lutron Homeworks QS Lighting system using the existing Crestron wall panels. A tap and die set and patience enabled us to set the new Lutron RPMs within the existing Crestron panel enclosure reducing the overall damage to the…


The Future of Advertisement: Augmented Reality

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would be offering an augmented reality feature for businesses to advertise their products in Messenger. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with Augmented Reality(AR), it is basically a mixture of the real world and virtual reality (Think Snapchat filters!). With this feature, consumers can message a…

digital world effects on brain

The Effects of Staying Digitally Plugged In

Your emotions affect your cognitive connections and especially in the digital world.