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Spotify Appeals to Families

Spotify Appeals More to Families

These family package deals seem to be catching on. Apple did it with iOS 8 Family Sharing and now Spotify announces their plan; Spotify Family.

Lawsuit Sonos vs Denon

Lawsuit: Sonos vs Denon HEOS

Sonos isn’t playing around with their patent. Apparently, Denon HEOS took it too far!

DropBox Users Have Been Hacked

Tips to Protect DropBox Users

Look, believe it or not, it seems like hackers are becoming the new “fad”. So you need to protect yourself. Here are a few tips to protect DropBox users.

Ringtone Designer

Turn Any Song into a Ringtone

Ever wish you could turn any song you want into a ringtone for your iPhone? Well, this is how you can do it!

Sonos Boost

Introducing Sonos BOOST

Sonos Wireless Music Systems have been focusing on making it easier for you to listen to your music at home without compromising their remarkable sound quality. This is how…


The First LG 4K OLED TV

LG is launching the first big screen 4K UltraHD OLED TV for sale late October!

What's new with Deezer?

What’s Going on With Deezer?

Sonos is at it again folks! Deezer Elite is actually one of the bigger music streaming services and you’ve probably never heard of it.

Welcome the Roku TV

TV Market Welcomes Roku Player

With built-in media apps becoming more widespread throughout the TV market, it seemed like the set-top media box would soon be a device of the past. Perhaps Roku has seen this writing on the wall, as it announced the Roku TV!

Deezer Partners with Sonos

Deezer Partners With Sonos

High Definition music streaming provider Deezer, just hopped on the Sonos train and is ready to start pumping out music!

The Truth About 4K

The Real Truth About 4K and Ultra HD

As AV experts in the Low Country, we are continually puzzled how easily people are pressured to purchase new technologies before the technology itself has any real direction, basis, or truth. Here’s the truth about 4K.

DirecTV 4K Content

DirecTV 4K Content

DirecTV announces 4K content coming soon, with in the next year or two.

Sonos HigDef

Sonos Now Streaming High-Def

Sonos has announced that it can now stream CD quality audio through it’s new ‘HD’ Music Service.