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The Sonos Blue Note

Sonos Blue Note Play:1 Release Date

You’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for nearly 3 weeks now and it’s finally here! The release date for the Blue Note Play:1 is . . .

Blue Sonos Limited Edition

Limited Edition Blue PLAY:1

Sonos Wireless Music Systems introduces they’re first ever limited edition speaker to celebrate 75 years of the most iconic jazz!

Sonos App

How To Download & Play Sonos

Did you know you can control the Sonos Wireless Music System from nearly any device? Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, even a Mac or PC user, Sonos makes it easy. Find out how you download and play Sonos on any device.

Dolby Atmos Movie Theater

Dolby Atmos Movie Theaters Take on IMAX

Dolby Atmos is well known for their exceptionally clear and powerful sounds. They’ve announced a Theater that could make IMAX sweat!

Low Quality Coaxial Cable Issues

Low Quality Coaxial Cable Issues

Solid Copper Coax vs. Copper Clad Steel

DirecTV 4k Ready

Samsung & DirecTV 4K Ready

Over the past week, Samsung kept busy and struck a few 4K streaming deals with DIRECTV and M-Go. And they don’t plan to stop there!

How To Use Sonos In Your Home

A quick demo of how Sonos in your home will improve your music listening. Download the free apps.

Wearable Mini Subwoofer

Mini Subwoofer You Can Wear

It’s all about that bass!

Amazon Streaming

Amazon is Going to Stream 4K For Free

Netflix is going to make you pay for 4K, but Amazon Prime won’t.

Free Sonos App

Download Free Sonos App Here

Be sure to download the free Sonos apps on all your devices so you can have wireless music enjoyment.

Martin Logan Speakers

Martin Logan’s Neolith

You have to check out these new speakers! Guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Netflix Wants You to Pay More!

Look, it’s really not that bad considering what they’re about to offer their users. However, if you are already a subscriber…