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Landscape Speakers

Sonance Outdoor Landscape Speakers

If you’re thinking about adding a musical touch to your outdoor entertaining area, or garden, then you should consider Sonance Outdoor Landscape Speakers.

Mbps Test

The Different Levels of Mbps Service

Not sure what level of Mbps internet service you should have? Check it out here and while you’re doing so, go ahead and take an internet speed test!

Sonos Outdoor Speakers

Listen to Sonos Outdoors

You can still enjoy Sonos outdoors. Here’s how!

Play5 White

Sonos PLAY:5 Orders Start Today

AIC has you covered. Never miss a beat. Step up to the new Sonos PLAY:5!

Sonos Apple Music

SONOS and Apple Music Coming Soon

Not too much longer and you’ll be able to play Apple Music over your SONOS Wireless Music System.

Sonos Family

Sonos 5.4 Update Released

One of the reasons why AIC loves SONOS, is that they make constant improvements with their products. Here is the latest news on the recent 5.4 SONOS update.

Wallpaper TV

Wallpaper TVs?

The idea of a wallpaper TV is closer than you think! Give it a few years and you’ll be able to roll up your TV like a newspaper.

sonos 5.4 update

Sonos 5.4 Update Changes

Sonos 5.4 Software is updating their software and there are a few things you should know about controllers and the PLAY:1.

Inside Play:1

Sonos Beefs up the PLAY:1

The PLAY:1 is getting a facelift! Here is what is going to come for SONOS’ baby brother. . .

Outdoor Audio Tips

Outdoor Audio Tips

It’s that time of the year to start planning your outdoor entertainment areas. With entertainment comes outdoor audio! Here are 3 tips for planning your outdoor music system.

Seura Vanishing Mirror TVs

Seura Vanishing Mirror TVs Now Offer 4K

Seura Vanishing Mirror TVs are offering 4K technology and heat-conducting aluminum frames with more efficient power supplies.

Speaker System

Choose the Right Size TV

Before you rush out and buy a brand new television, let us help you choose the right size TV for your media room. We’ve made your decision easier with this simple chart . . .