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Technology Holiday Gift Guide

Last Minute Technology Holiday Gift Guide

Need help with your holiday shopping? Find goodies for everyone (including yourself). Some can be purchased up to 5 minutes before gifting. 🙂

Have fun with your Gravatar!

Do You Gravatar? Contest Details!

Be sure to enter our easy gravatar contest! This is the first contest in our “New Blog” celebration.


Welcome to the New AIC Blog!

We are pleased to present our new, improved blog and celebrate with contests between now and the New Year!

Sonos Playlist

Sonos Playlist Queue

Ensure you don’t lose your Sonos playlist queue. Make sure you do this first!

Netflix Wants You to Pay More!

Look, it’s really not that bad considering what they’re about to offer their users. However, if you are already a subscriber…

SnapChat Hack

SnapChat Users Have Been Hacked

If you used a third party user such as SnapSaved, to save photos from SnapChat, you’ve probably been hacked!

Roku Mirroring

Roku Mirroring for Android

Mirroring is now available on Roku for Android users!

Music Streaming Services

Our Opinion: Streaming Service Feedback

Sound quality matters with music streaming services. Or at least it should!