Siri is a Virtual DJ!

Use Siri as Your Virtual DJ

Yup! You heard right! Siri can act as your own virtual DJ to play and manage your favorite music upon your command.

The Blu Ray disc is coming to an end!

The End of the Blu-ray Disc

Blu-ray discs are on a fast road towards extinction!

Incorporating Home Automation Solutions

Incorporating Home Automation Solutions

If you’re thinking of incorporating some automation into your home, it’s important to know the full range of available technologies and to understand your own needs, and of the people who live in and visit your home.

Volume Control Icon

Boosting Dialogue Levels

There are other options to increase dialogue volume on your TV, but it depends on the manufacturer.

Music Streaming Services

Our Opinion: Streaming Service Feedback

Sound quality matters with music streaming services. Or at least it should!

4K Ultra HD TV

The Inside Scoop on 4K

This is what you need to know about ultra high resolution.

JVC Reference Series

JVC Reference Series 4K Projectors

Check out the latest 4K projector from JVC. This is hands down the best projector on the market in this price range.

SDC 8 Wolf Projector

Product Awareness: Wolf Cinema Projectors

Which home theater projector are you currently using? AIC recommends Wolf Cinema Projectors.

White and Black Sonos Play1

Sonos Update: The New PLAY:1

Sonos Wireless Systems introduces yet another impressive wireless speaker to its clique. We proudly welcome the PLAY:1!